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10th Anniversary year

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Matt, the Cat and the Hat!


The Dragons are powering up for the 10TH ANNIVERSARY  Welsh Champs Experience!


We are already working on making it special, so expect new categories and lots of surprises! We want to encourage first timers so check out the Strictly Novice category below.  TICKETS ARE ON SALE! 

You can expect:

• 3 rammed and truly distinctive events on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday

• 16 adrenalin pumping competition for all levels

• Top notch crystal trophies and medals

• Ceroc and Silc ‘Gods of Thunder’ on the decks

• Renowned and inspiring judges

• Professional photography, FREE online videos

• FREE ‘tag’ fun category



Celebrating the 10th year of Welsh Champs we have a special category. If you book your compete ticket early you will be entered into a draw to win a free competition place in the Golden Ten with past winners of OPEN and TOP CAT PRO!  
At the start of 5 months during the year we will be announcing one of our previous winning couples. All entrants during that month and all previous months could then be drawn to dance with them in a one off final for the unique trophy. The draw for the winner takes place LIVE at a class early the following month. A man (from the hat) and a lady (from the cat!) will be matched with the announced couple. No entry fee is required.  Watch Facebook for notifications! Our winners so far are;

  1. Stephanie Oram; Gary Lanham

  2. Chloe Williams; Andy Lu

  3. Matthew Shaw; Lorna Curtis

  4. Matthew Blain; Darling Duffield

  5. Jamie Eddy; Ruth Wiggins

  6. Ellen Dacombe; Steven Tyrell 

  7. Victoria Pollard; Mark  Ellis

  8.  Greg Urch;  Beth Johnson

  9. Danni Moore; Darn Burbridge

  10. Ekow; Claire Nollett

So book your place at the Welsh Champs as soon as you can and look out for the monthly draw information on the Facebook page. LIVE draws occur at the end of the chosen couples month at class and  published on Facebook! 

Strictly Novice

A new category aimed at giving absolute competition newcomers  the chance to compete, with no previous competitors on the floor. We are really keen to give our beginners and developing dancers a target for their dancing journey. Not only will you get the amazing uplift of being on the dance floor, with everyone rooting for you, but also the chance to experience mingling with the amazingly friendly and supportive Ceroc dance family. Expect to be inspired on to your next level of dancing. 

‘Dance with the Stars’ Freestyle

Friday 27th September 2019, Barry Memorial Hall and Theatre

Kick start your Welsh Champs weekend with this pre-competition freestyle with the last hour dedicated to Silc. With top Ceroc and Silc DJs and the best dancers from around the UK you are guaranteed an amazing dance experience.

Doors 8pm, ‘Tag’ Competition 9.45pm, Silc music 12am, dancing until 1am.

£10pp when booked online at or £13 on the door.


Sunday 29th September 2019

The Lysaght Institute, Corporation Road, Newport

This sell-out tea dance can be described as pure dance indulgence. The FLAVA DJs meander sublime melody's and cake is provided by the Bake Off's of Ceroc South Wales all in beautiful surroundings. Finish your weekend in style. £5 with a Welsh Champs wristband, £9 without.



• Intermediate Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Advanced Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Dragon Open Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Over 50’s Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Double Trouble (Entry Fee £30/triple + admission)

• Top Cat Am (Entry Fee £10/person + admission)

• Top Cat Pro (Entry Fee £10/person + admission)

• Lucky Dip (Entry Fee £5/person + admission)

• Showcase (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• funKed uP (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Team Cabaret (Entry Fee FREE/team + admission)

• Tag Team (Entry Fee FREE/triple + admission)

• Pro-Am Lead (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Pro-Am Follow (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

NEW for 2019

  • Novice Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

  • The Golden 10…(FREE picked from all entrants so far)


If you do not have web access and would like a booking form mailed to you, or have any other queries, please call Ceroc South Wales on 07446 091026 or 07771 977271

REVIEW OF 2018 from Momma Dragon Lyndsey 

"My main observation of 2018 was the quality of the dancing. I really cannot remember a time when there was such parity on the dancefloor. Our amazing judges definitely had their work cut out and I remember looking at their faces on numerous occasions where they really were struggling where to place people.

We did encounter some computer issues for the first time this year. You have no idea how hard the judges and crew had to work to implement plan B. Big thanks for the team that stepped in to the breach and it meant it was hardly noticeable. It does mean we will not be able to provide personalised results for 2018. If you have not been refunded please contact Andy on 07771977271. We will be reviewing next years approach.

In addition, I have had such amazing feedback about this year’s competition music being the best EVER. We were hugely privileged to have Kieran DJing for us and he certainly managed to strike the balance between providing challenging, sophisticated music choices and maintaining the Welsh Champs atmosphere – fingers crossed he will be back again next year.

A big shout and huge thank you to everyone that supported Welsh Champs this year; to you the competitors, to the judges, crew, DJ’s, compere and the staff at Barry Memo."

Thanks and keep dancing, Lyndsey & Andy xxxx

Strictly Novice
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