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terms, conditions & Cancellation policy

  • Attendance and Participation: The organiser accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury to persons or possessions as a result of, attendance at, or participation in the event. 


  • Contract conditions: The booking form is a contract between CSW Champs Limited and the lead name only, and they as group leader are responsible for advising their guests on all issues relating to the booking. 

  • Late Bookings: Do not send any postal bookings within a week of the event. After this date, book online or telephone the Welsh Champs Hotline mobile number 07920441692. 


  • On-line Bookings: All online bookings are processed by PayPal for your security.


  • Confirmation: An automated confirmation of your booking will be forwarded to you as a receipt by email. 


  • Changes to the Event Content and Format: The organisers reserve the right to amend or alter any information they have published or may publish from time to time in the future, in connection with this event. The actual schedule and heats listings will be uploaded onto the website just a couple of days before the event if possible. Otherwise, the schedule for the event will be handed to you at the event when you arrive and the heats listings will be displayed in the dance arena. 


  • Category Entry: Entry to most categories will be closed one week before the event.  Entries received after this date may be refused however where there is capacity in any category, entry to that will be accepted on the day of competition as long as entry is made and accepted BEFORE the start of any heat of that category. Any categories under subscribed at the week before the event point may be cancelled, in which case all entries for that category will be contacted and refunded. 


  • Judging: The judges’ decision is final. You can purchase your personalised score sheets for review at the time of booking.


  • Competition Participation: It is the competitor's responsibility to check the competition category rules, the heats listings and schedule for the timings of your heats and be ready on the dance floor with your partner, dance numbers fixed securely in position, on time to partake in your heat. The organisers cannot be held responsible if you miss your heat. If you have any queries about the timings of the event, the schedule or the heats please clarify your queries at the information desk.


  • Disclaimer: Dancing is an aerobic activity and all attendees at this event participate at their own risk. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury resulting from participation at this event.


  • Pets: Animals are not allowed at this event. 


  • Age Limit: This event is open to anyone over the age of 12 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult who acts as their chaperone will be held responsible for the propriety of the minor. Competition entry ages are as per the individual competition category rules. 


  • Filming and Photographs: Anyone attending this event agrees that they can be filmed or may appear in photographs which may be used for promotional purposes. There is an official photographer at the event, you may be able to download photos for a donation to charity shortly after the event at the photographer's discretion. Attendees are allowed to take photos but any personal photographs taken are for your own use and cannot be sold or distributed for profit. No one is allowed on the competition dance floor apart from competitors during their heat, judges and officials.


  • Security: The event is supervised by qualified security personnel and by attending the event you agree to comply with any reasonable request from official security personnel.




80% refund if cancelled up to 3 months before the event. 50% refund if cancelled up to 2 months before the event.  25% refund if cancelled up to a month before the event. No refunds available within a month of the event. There are no exceptional arrangements for special circumstances such as illness, bereavement, emergencies or accidents etc.

Please note that all cancellations will be subject to a minimum £10 administration fee. 


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