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Competitions, Categories & Definitions

  • Where do I pin the Dance Numbers?
    The numbers must be pinned with 4 safety pins to the back of your top. If you do not have a back to your top then they may go on the front. They must not be pinned to trousers or skirts as judges may not be able to see them!

  • I am competing in Lucky Dip, what do I do?
    All Competitors taking part in the Lucky Dip need to be down on the main dance floor at 1100hrs (11.00am) where you will be allocated a partner! The first heat will start at approx. 1115hrs (11.15am). Please be there on time, men with your numbers pinned with 4 pins on your back... no numbers on your front or on trousers please, and Ladies make sure you have your Pink Slip with your name filled out correctly. The Compare and Judges will sort you all into rows and into pairs, then move you around a random amount of times to mix you all up. Once you are allocated a final partner the Judges will take the pink slip from the Ladies and fill out her partner's number on it, thus confirming that partnership for this competition. Each row will then be allocated a Heat number and that will determine when you get on the dance floor to compete. You will then need to check the Results Board (which is on the back of the partitions on the ground floor at the back of the main auditorium by the double entrance to the foyer), so that you know at what time to be on the floor for your category heat.

  • I am a Lady competing in Lucky Dip and I do not have a number?
    Ladies are not allocated Dance Numbers for the Lucky Dip. They receive a pink slip with their name on it. Instructions on what to do with the pink slip are written on the back of it. Ladies need to line up on the floor with their pink slip in hand. Once they are lined up with their final partners the Judges will come around and collect the pink slips and write their partner's number on the slip. This is the partnership for the Lucky Dip. You cannot change partners. This slip is then kept safely and the couples in the final will be checked to ensure they have not swapped partners.

  • How do I get to be on the Lucky Dip Waiting List?
    There are only 80 places for Ladies and 80 places for men available in the Lucky Dip Competition Category and the new booking system will effectively manage gender disparity in the lead up to the event.  If places sell out or there is too many of one gender then you will be asked if you would like to be placed on the waitlist.  You must agree to this to be placed on the waiting list for the next available place.  If space becomes available, then you will be emailed to book on – you will have one week to do so or lose your place on the waiting list.  We do not guarantee a place will become available.

  • I am on the Lucky Dip Waiting List what do I do?
    We have a Lucky Dip Waiting list because there are invariably competitors who do not make it on time for the allocation of partners at 1100hrs (11.00am), and we need to have even numbers of Ladies and Men in this competition category. The procedure for inclusion in the event from the Lucky Dip Waiting List is as follows:

    The Waiting List consists of women who have reserved their place online. Each dancer on the List is given a place number in the List. Women will be brought into the competition in chronological booking order. All dancers on the Waiting List must be in the room and be ready to be called onto the floor at a moments notice. The compere will call the dancers by name in order should there be a need for additional women. The Ladies will be given their pink Lucky Dip slips with their names in full as required. The men must have their white dance number pinned to their backs. If you are called up from the waiting list you will be required to make payment for you place after the first round has completed. If you are not asked to join the competition then you are free to rejoin the audience.

  • I am competing in Top Cats what do I need to know?
    Our booking system gender balances the bookings, if however the waiting list is not cleared then the extra people on either gender side without a booked spot may be invited to join in the final 1st round heat. This will result in a random selection of dancers from the opposite gender to be called up to dance again to balance the numbers. If called up to dance again then you will only be judged on you 1st dance(s).

  • Can I enter more than one freestyle category if I am dancing with different partners?
    You may NOT enter more than one freestyle category if you have different dance partners and you feel that your partnership suits one category better than another.

  • I want to enter the 'Over 45s' category but my partner is only 28! Is this OK?
    Sorry, both Partners have to be 45 years of age or over to be eligible for the ‘Over 45s' Category.

  • If I have won the Intermediate category at another competition does it mean I have to compete in the advanced category at this event?
    No, what you have done in other competitions has no relevance to this competition. BUT if you have WON the Intermediate category in any previous Welsh Champs (2010-2019) then you do have to move up to the Advanced category.

  • If I have won previously won the Intermediate category at the Welsh Champs does it mean I have to compete in the Advanced category at this event?
    Yes, if you or your partner have WON the Welsh Champs Intermediate competition and want to return and re-enter the Welsh Champs then you are required to move up and compete in the Advanced or Open category. Same applies to the Advanced Category; If you or your partner have WON the Welsh Champs Advanced Category then you have to move up to the Dragon Open.

  • What is a Dance Professional?
    Anyone who has taught more than 6 times in the previous 3 years.
    Anyone who is intending to teach more than 6 times in the next 6 months

  • Is the music for the Double Trouble category specified?
    No, this year Double Trouble will be entirely freestyle and competitors will not be told the track in advance.

  • What is the classification of an Amateur for Pro-Am?
    For the Welsh Champs we have classified the definition of an amateur as dancers who are NOT a dance professional as per the classification above, and NOT an Open level dancer. This means that a dancer who has entered any national modern jive competition in the last three years at Open level, will not be considered an Amateur at this Welsh Champs.

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