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on the day

The doors will open at 9am 
Remember your number is at the venue!





The front of the Venue will be branded with Ceroc branding so it will be easy to locate. Please view Barry Memo) to find the venue. There will be barriers outside and security personnel directing dancers arriving early to the queue. Doors open at 9am, with lucky dip pairing starting at 10am to kick off the day!


You must wear your wristband to gain fast-track entry into the venue.  This wristband must remain on throughout the duration of the day. 


If you lose or break the wristband you will not be permitted to dance or enter any of the competitions until you have re-purchased a wristband at the cost of a day entry ticket.  You will need this wristband to gain re-entry into the venue throughout the day.


Your bags may be searched by security. 


Do not try and bring your own food or drink into the venue as it will be confiscated and this whole process slows down entry.  


Ladies make sure you have your slip with your name filled out correctly.


There will be Champs Crew who can answer any questions you may have available on hand throughout the venue. Your wristband will enable you to get in and out of the venue throughout the day. 


You do not need to register for any competitions.

You do not need to register on the day for any competition categories in which you are already entered and have your dance numbers, however, it will be your responsibility to login to your booking prior to attending to ensure your details and those of your partner(s) are correct as this information automatically populates the scoring system. You will need to check the schedule so that you know at what time to be on the floor for your category heat.


If you are on the waiting list for Lucky Dip you will need to go to the Information point, which is located in the entrance foyer where you will be met by a Judge who will look after you. 


If you're Competing in Lucky Dip...

All Competitors taking part in the Lucky Dip need to be down on the main dance floor at 10.00 am at the latest where you will be allocated a partner! The first heat will start at approx. 10.15 am.

Please be there on time, men with your numbers pinned with 4 safety pins on your back... no numbers on the front or on trousers please, and Ladies make sure you have your slip with your name filled out correctly. The Compere and Judges will sort you all into rows and into pairs, then move you around a random amount of times to mix you all up. Once you are allocated a final partner the Judges will take the pink slip from the Ladies and fill out her partner's number on it, thus confirming that partnership for this competition. Each row will then be allocated a Heat number and that will determine when you get on the dance floor to compete. You will then need to check the results screens which will be clearly located so that you know at what time to be on the floor for your category heat.


Ladies in Lucky Dip

Ladies are not allocated dance numbers for the Lucky Dip. They will receive a pink slip with their name on it in their envelope. Ladies need to line up on the floor with their pink slip in hand. Once they are lined up with their final partners the Judges will come around and collect the pink slips and write their partner's number on the slip. This slip is then kept safely and the couples in the final will be checked to ensure they have not swapped partners. 


Lucky Dip Waiting List

If you have tried to book onto Lucky Dip and there were no spaces due to a gender imbalance, then you would have had the option at the time of booking to be added to the waiting list.  As places become available, and in strict first come first served order, we will send an automated email letting you know you can now book.


If by the time on the event you are still on the waiting list, then the Welsh Champs crew will allocate spaces that become available on the day to those on the list in order.  You are welcome to check what position on the wait list you are at the Welsh Champs itself, however, we will not enter into any correspondence prior to the event.


Information Point

Situated in the front lobby area is the Information Point. The Information Point is manned all day by Champs Crew who are on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding all aspects of the Championships. They will also have radios available so if there is anything they cannot answer, they can find someone who can. There will be a 'Champs Bible' at the Information Desk which will include the following: Category entrants by competitor's name and dance number, competitors by name, alphabetically and by dance number, chronologically.


Preliminary heats details will be listed on the schedule on the day, the remaining heats and finals will be posted on the flip charts in the bar. So if you've forgotten your dance number, or you have got your number but forgotten your name (!) come and find out who you are at the Information Point.


Team Cabaret & Showcase Changing

The amazing Barry MEMO will have a number of changing rooms allocated for Team Cabaret and Showcase changing. Ceroc Crew will direct you to the nearest one. 


Competitors Cloakrooms and Changing Rooms

Competitors can use the un-secure changing areas for quick access to their costumes for hurried changes between competitions. There are hanging rails and hangers in these areas so competitors can hang up their costumes. 

Please note these areas are UN-SECURE. Ceroc South Wales cannot accept responsibility for any lost items left in these areas. 

There are separate Ladie's and Gent's changing rooms, please see the location map for the specific position in the venue and read the relevant section below for details.  


Food Available

There will be hot and cold food and hot drinks available at the event from 11 am until 7 pm. A menu will be in the event programme available on the day. We will endeavour to post a copy of the menu on this site prior to the event.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not allowed to bring your own food to this venue. If you have a medical condition and need special dietary requirements then please contact the Welsh Champs. 


The Heats Desk

The Heats Desk is where the timings of all the competition heats take place, and the timing of the event as a whole is monitored to ensure that everything runs to the event schedule. The Compere will call out the next heat to be taking place and this will be advertised on the main screen behind and above the stage. The Welsh Champs has a reputation for running to time so you can work out when your heat is on the schedule but listen to the Compare for up to date information.  


Displaying Results

The Welsh Champs has flip charts in the cafe/ bar area where all the competition category results are listed almost instantly after each round has been completed. All competitors need to review the results screens on a regular basis to find out if they have progressed into the next round, if they have, then they need to refer to the event schedule to find out at what time their next heat is scheduled. 


The Judges

The Welsh Champs have lined up a fixed panel of judges from different dance disciplines and dance companies and we have pleasure in naming the confirmed judges in the near future.


The DJ

The DJ providing the competition music will be announced shortly. 

Event Schedule

The Event Schedule is the timetable of the day. You will be given an event schedule when you arrive at the venue. Each part of the day is allocated to start at a particular time and given a duration. The event is governed by the Schedule which allows competitors to know when they need to be on the dance floor and allows everybody to know when they can expect a Freestyle Session or a Dance Exhibition.


Drinks Available

There is one main bar in the venue. The bars serve a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the venue and they will be open for the whole event. 


PLEASE NOTE: Food will be available at the venue. We recommend if you have a medical condition and need special dietary requirements then please contact the Welsh Champs.



Photographs will be taken throughout the competition by a photographer. If you're competing and you'd like to have a posed picture taken ask the photographer at any time during the day. 

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