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Heather and Tim are looking forward to inviting you to the new 

Welsh Champs Experience!


2020 ushers in a new team running the Welsh Champs, Heather and Tim have loads of history in competing, hosting and judging the ultimate Ceroc event in Wales. This year they are picking up the reigns and propelling it forward! 

You can expect:

• 3 rammed and truly distinctive events on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday

• 16 adrenalin pumping competition for all levels

• Ceroc and Silc ‘Gods of Thunder’ on the decks

• Renowned and inspiring judges

• The fabled Dragons tooth crystal trophies and medals

• Professional photography, FREE online videos*

• FREE ‘tag’ fun category

• Brand NEW category added: 'Musical Mashup'


Musical Mashup

Introducing our brand NEW category: 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗜𝗖𝗔𝗟 𝗠𝗔𝗦𝗛𝗨𝗣 

This is a partnered category open to amateurs and professionals. Our champs DJ will mix up 4x 30second contrasting songs to create the ultimate musical mashup! From Swing to latin, slow to fast, funky disco to Silcy smooth - you'll be tested on your ability to adapt to different genre styles and show your versatility. 

‘Dance with the Stars’ Freestyle

Friday September 2020, Barry Memorial Hall and Theatre

Kick start your Welsh Champs weekend with this pre-competition freestyle with the last hour dedicated to Silc. With top Ceroc and Silc DJs and the best dancers from around the UK you are guaranteed an amazing dance experience.

Doors 8pm, ‘Tag’ Competition 9.45pm, Silc music 12am, dancing until 1am.

£10pp when booked online at or £13 on the door.


Sunday  September 2020

The Lysaght Institute, Corporation Road, Newport

This sell-out tea dance can be described as pure dance indulgence. The FLAVA DJs meander sublime melody's and cake is provided by the Bake Off's of Ceroc South Wales all in beautiful surroundings. Finish your weekend in style. £5 with a Welsh Champs wristband, £9 without.



• Intermediate Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Advanced Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Dragon Open Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Over 50’s Freestyle (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Double Trouble (Entry Fee £30/triple + admission)

• Top Cat Am (Entry Fee £10/person + admission)

• Top Cat Pro (Entry Fee £10/person + admission)

• Lucky Dip (Entry Fee £5/person + admission)

• Showcase (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• funKed uP (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Team Cabaret (Entry Fee FREE/team + admission)

• Tag Team (Entry Fee FREE/triple + admission)

• Pro-Am Lead (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Pro-Am Follow (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)

• Musical Mashup (Entry Fee £25/couple + admission)


If you do not have web access and would like a booking form mailed to you, or have any other queries, please call Ceroc South Wales on 07896 761 684.

REVIEW OF 2019 from Momma Dragon Lyndsey 

Thanks to everyone who helped, competed and starred at Welsh Champs 2019 - 10 year anniversary! What an amazing three days of dance and competition. The standard is amazing. Its so inspirational watching you guys.


The Strictly Novice...great to see our new dancers giving it a go. Everyone has said the supportive atmosphere has spurred them on to bigger things next year. Well done, this is the kind of story that makes the Welsh Champs. The Golden 10 made it a year long celebration culminating in some fantastic dancing. Aerials was astonishing thanks to all the daredevil couples! 

We took feedback and made some changes this year that made the event just that little bit different. From additional lighting, to changing when the medals are presented and a new scoring system. We hope you enjoyed the difference.


The guys behind the scenes are sooo awesome, and think on there feet like a well oiled machine. Too many to thank individually but Thelia and team, judging, DJ's, photographic supremo, presenters, scoring, the Memo guys and the tech team thank you thank you thank you.

We am really looking forward to seeing Heather and Tim's take on and develop the event. Go guys!

Thank you for helping us mark the 10th anniversary with a bang....and save us a dance, Lyndsey & Andy xxxx


WARM GREETINGS  from Heather & Tim

Welsh Champs was just incredible. A massive congratulations to Lyndsey & Andy for all their hard work, love and dedication, for not only creating a legendary event, but an amazing and supportive dance family. Myself and Tim are honoured and excited to be taking on the dragon reigns for Ceroc South Wales. We have lots of ideas going forward in to the next decade so watch this space and Facebook for more information.

Love from Heather & Tim xxxx


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