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"golden 10"

anniversary special

The APRIL draw during the Newport class!

The chance to dance with Ellen Dacombe and Jamie Eddy both Grand Masters. Make sure you are booked in to the Welsh Champs ASAP!

No entry fee. But it is worth booking your ticket for the Welsh Champs early to stand more chance of winning a place.


The GOLDEN TEN, celebrating the 10th year of Welsh Champs we have a special category. If you book your day ticket you will be entered into a draw to win a competition place in the Golden Ten category with past winners of OPEN and TOP CAT PRO! 

We will be drawing a man and a lady each month, for the first 5 months of 2019. Then matching them with the cream of competition dancing. Confirmed previous winners waiting for partners are;

  • Danni Moore

  • Stephanie Oram with 

  • Chloe Williams with 

  • Matthew Shaw with 

  • Matthew Blain with 

  • Jamie Eddy with...

  • Ellen Dacombe with....

So book your place at the Welsh Champs as soon as you can and look out for the monthly draw information on the Facebook page


Competition Rules


  • TBA

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JAMIE and chloe.PNG
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