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Amanda and Jess look forward to inviting you to the  

Welsh Champs Experience



2023 you were 10 out of 10! 

Thanks to all the dancers that came from around the country to mingle with a great South Wales turnout.  It was great seeing so many spectators and competitors at the freestyles. The dancing was off the scale, with amazing performances and congratulations to Stephanie & Mevans the new Open Dragon Champs. Every year we try and enhance the experience and Amanda and Jess have worked hard to make the Champs memorable for you all. We hope you had an amazing time. This year we did not only have pizza but also super fast results! If you have any suggestions let us know.


Great music all weekend from our superstar DJsJonathon's ‘Dance with the Stars’ Freestyle sensational mix prepared everyone for the competition. A great Tag comp! 


Jon did an amazing mix of melt-in-your-ears vibes to test and encourage great performances. The first time some reggae mixes at the Welshies?! The filler tracks were sooo much fun! Jon kept us going, when we were all tired, to the early hours.


Then Jen's DJ performance at FLAVA  magic!!! What a way to end the weekend. Did you dance with David the Dragon?!



We all appreciate the skill and concentration you provide, Kate & Ivan Hasseldorf, Jamie & Jen,  Max & Chrissie, Lily & David, Zoe & Richard, Tim & Heather, Deej & Hedi plus Mr Silc, CaneEleri did a sterling job looking after the judges. Thanks to the Head Judge who surveyed the video footage and made the big decisions Jen.


The Dragons Dream Team

Gorgeous but nutty Compere's,  Charlie & Lyndsey! Graham, we loved your photography, with and without AI! Jeremy thanks for videoing, we love the compilation videos. All the great media is accessible from the results page!) A big thanks to Christopher & Iona for doing the scoring statistician work behind the stage. Setup/ take down crew, Richard, Steve, Nick, Sam, Suzie, Sandra, Lyndsey and Andy. On the day the guys that looked after us all, the Welsh "red" team headed up by Thelia and including Mike, Suzie, Helen, Sandra, Yvonne, Arthur, Whispering Steve, Robyn, Carry's, Linda, Jeremy and others xxxxxx


2024 Sizzling Silc & Scintillating Ceroc! 

We are planning another extravaganza. More details to be confirmed and there may be some category changes but you can expect:

• 3 rammed and truly distinctive events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

• 16 adrenalin-pumping competitions for all levels (YES! A NEW CATEGORY!)

• Ceroc and SILC Gods of Thunder on the decks

• Renowned and inspiring judges

• The fabled Dragons tooth crystal trophies and medals

• Professional photography, and online videos

• FREE ‘tag’ fun category


Novice Freestyle Trophy

All our dancers started competing somewhere, so why not start your journey here?  There is a special feeling of jubilation when you complete your first dance competition. Being on the floor and the roar of the crowd as everyone gets behind you is a euphoric moment! It propels you to take your dancing up to new heights. To this end, we have introduced a category for anyone who has not competed before to find their favourite intermediate dancer (or another first-timer) and experience the thrill of Ceroc Welsh Champs. All the details are here.

‘Dance with the Stars’ Freestyle

Friday 27th September 2024, Barry Memorial Hall and Theatre

Kickstart your Welsh Champs weekend with this pre-competition freestyle with the last hour dedicated to Silc. With top Ceroc and SILC DJs and the best dancers from around the UK, you are guaranteed an amazing dance experience. Doors 8 pm, ‘Tag’ Competition 9.45 pm, SILC music 12 am, dancing until 1 am.


Sunday  29th September 2024

Nash Village Hall, Newport

This sell-out tea dance can be described as pure dance indulgence. The FLAVA DJs meander sublime melodies and cake is provided by the Bake Offs of Ceroc South Wales all in beautiful surroundings. Finish your weekend in style. Check previous events here.


COMPETITION CATEGORIES (subject to change)

• Novice Freestyle Trophy (Entry Fee £26 + admission)

• Intermediate Freestyle Trophy (Entry Fee £26 + admission)

Chillout Am Intermediate Freestyle (Entry Fee £26 + admission)

• Advanced Freestyle Trophy (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

• Chillout Pro Freestyle Freestyle (Entry Fee £26 + admission)

• Dragon Open Freestyle Trophy (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

• Over 50’s Freestyle (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

• Top Cat Am (Entry Fee £13/person + admission)

• Top Cat Pro (Entry Fee £13/person + admission)

• Lucky Dip (Entry Fee £6/person + admission)

• Showcase (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

• funKed uP (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

• Team Cabaret (Entry Fee FREE/team + admission)

• Tag Team (Entry Fee FREE/triple + admission)

• Pro-Am Lead (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

• Pro-Am Follow (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

• Aerials  (Entry Fee £26/couple + admission)

If you do not have web access and would like a booking form mailed to you, or have any other queries, please call Ceroc South Wales on 07875666753.

Strictly Novice
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